Hypnagogia (Safran)

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Jasmine and violets threaded fine with soft saffron; sweet mandarin underpinned by velvety amber and transporting oud. A procession of exotic blooms is crossing the threshold to a dreamlike state. 
Leonora Carrington* is back in Greece for the summer, arriving sometime between dusk and midnight. 

*Surrealist painter and an iconoclast


mandarine, safran


fleur blanche, jasmin, violette


ambre, oud

Hand-poured in Grasse, France.

Customer Reviews

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Elegancia total

Un aroma precioso, fresco, mítico, delicado - elegancia total. La vela se quema de una forma muy uniforme, la presentación excelente, la duración del aroma muy acertado; excelente experiencia : )

Mio Hayashi
In love!

It was so hard to pick one but I finally chose Hypnogogia, and I am so in love with this candle! It's so beautifully made, which made me not want to light it at first, but once I lit it, it filled my apartment with a gorgeous, elegant scent. It provides a unique presence to any interior, bringing it one notch higher.

A True Ritual

This candle is a ritual in itself and part of my self-care practice. Intention is what makes anything magical, transcending the ordinary, so I strive to surround myself with things that embody this quality. I deeply cherish this candle; it enhances my work hours, my reading, and my massages. Thank you for offering such a beautiful and special product to the world. We could benefit from more objects infused with intentions as genuine and powerful as this one.